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Aussagen von Eltern, die ich begleiten durfte:


"Mara was simply AMAZING! Before, during and after the birth, she was a tremendous help! It was extremly comforting to be able to speak English with her and to tap into her "mommy knowledge" especially as we're not Swiss and don't know all the resources and helpful things to care for a baby which exist here. I'm so grateful for the experience and would hire her or refer her to anyone else again. I even feel like I made a wonderful friend!"


"Das war die beste Doula, die man sich vorstellen kann. Mara Jacob war ein Engel!"


"Mara is a wonderfully kind, loving and competent person. She has helped my wife tremendously and of course this helps the husband quite a lot, too!
Having her with us in the delivery room was a relief and an encouragement and - on top of everything else - she also helped us with the language."


"Asking Mara, to be our doula, was one of our best decisions! She gave us a lot of advice and helped before the birth. My first child was born with a C-section two years ago. And she figured out somehow, that it can be a reason for the C-section, that some little thing is blocked on my back, that doesn't allow my pelvis move as it should. I was really amazed, how much energy she put in. She was really with me. I was overdue this time again and with every day I was getting more and more upset and impatient. And she really believed in me and my vbac (vaginal birth after Cesarean) and that helped me not to give up. When I had a thought that I won't be able to do it, she just wrote or told me, that she knew how I feel, but there is no reason to feel so negative, because I can do it. And when finally the labour has started, she was with us from the beginning. She did massage on my back during the pains. I mean, during each pain, from half past 7 till my daughter was born ... 5 hours long... in almost every minute ... She did more than this massage. She was there for us all the time, to make us sure, we can do it! I really feel, we could do the vbac, as she was with us. And if I get pregnant once again, I would like her to be my doula again! Dear Mara, thank you again, and again...!"


"This is a short story of a second childbirth with the eyes of a father and husband. Before meeting Mara we already had a cute two years old boy but somehow we still not remember to our first birth as a success story. Now I feel that we were not prepared enough and partially by this reason our success was derailed. Of course we were attending a preparation course, had regular examinations, and visited several doctors. But when things did not advance during the labour, the midwife could not help us out as it would be necessary and we ended up at a caesarean section. It was really hard to go to the operating room with my wife, but we got a very nice boy at the end.

Some time later we decided to prepare and try our utmost to give a natural birth to the second kid, as long as we do not risk our health. My wife consulted a bunch of books and people and found a doctor and hospital who can support us. Given the experiences of our first birth I did not feel that I can fully support her, actually I felt frightened when the due date was approaching. That was the point when she came out with the idea of hiring a doula, and we visited Mara. First I was not very enthusiastic, but the most we could lose was some money and time spent for consultations. I also came out with the justification that now it is time to slow down, as this birth is the most important thing of these days, so time and money have to be consecrated to the goal. Mara did not have a huge experience in the topic but I think our case was a real challenge for her and she put in an incredible energy. She read more literature, gave consultations and really useful advices, she addressed and accompanied us even to other specialists when only some people in the region were possessing the knowledge that we were lacking. That was exactly the support that we needed and I felt that Mara can help my wife if I fall out.

Finally our quick birth took around 6 hours, Mara was helping Zsuzsi to reduce the pain with massage at each single contraction. We gave birth to a 4155g cute girl Fruzsina, thanks Mara's help. Midwives and doctors were amazed of the coordinated work. My mind was rather blocked for weeks and could not believe that we managed to work out everything as we planned. I hope Mara can help a lot of mothers and families with her enthusiasm and knowledge in the future, maybe you, Dear Visitor. Good luck Mara, I wish you and your clients all the best and hope that you can give the same joy to other families that you shared with us!"